Thursday, August 17th, 2017


Dan Tanner is a mortgage banker and broker by training for the last 20 years and a successful trader since the days of WADE COOK.

In 1996 he took his entire savings of $50,000 and started following Stock market and seminar guru WADE COOK learning covered calls, rolling stocks and stock splits. Sadly and unfortunately, those unsound practices left him completely broke, and his entire capital vanished in a matter of months

However those lessons learned were very hard and unmistakable in nature, and quite an experience and the backbone of great strength. Learning slowly, he gradually built up a steady stream of successful strategies generating cash flows and delved extensively into options and stock trading.

Working full time he has been devoted to options trading since 2006, and started working full time as an options trader and strategist.  Trading extensively using every known option trading strategy out there,  including Iron condors, Iron butterflies, Debit spreads, Diagonal spreads, ratio spreads, and naked put selling.

Dan specializes in income generating strategies and consistent returns, using a variety of  index and stock options strategies. These strategies can be highly sophisticated and very simple.

Greatly influenced by the schools of Lawrence McMillan, Charles Cottle and Lin Yates of Optionvue he as accomplished 110% returns in 2007 and continued to make steady returns even in the challenging markets of 2008 and 2009.

Also worked greatly with William O Neil’s can-slim stock trading strategies and with Dan Zanger’s momentum stock trading strategies. Still using William O Neils can slim in momentum stock trading in bull markets.

Dan maintains a rigorous schedule, working out, eating healthy, and living in the world of stock and options trading.

Dan is a prolific contributor on the Social Media , including  Twitter, Facebook, Stocktwits and Mytrades.