Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


What is this site  about ?

Our goal is to teach, educate and empower you, so you can make money in your trading career and be successful.

Do you only trade Index options?

We trade all Equity options and plus Index options. Despite our name we lean heavily towards stock options. I know its strange, but that’s what most subscribers want.

I am already a great trader why do I need your service ?

There is no end to learning in life. There is always room that you can do better. Here is my answer to that, if I can show you a single trade that you would have never known or thought about, you would have avoided the staggering cost of lost opportunity. There are many trades and market opportunities that I have carefully researched, and when I show you that, you would think and say Gosh! I should have thought about it myself !

Do I really need any teaching in options trading ?

Well, you need think if you want to accelerate your trading career ?  And add to it some more. Even star athletes have coaches and trainers.

Do you offer Investment advice considered as recommendation to buy and sell equities?

No. We are not licensed financial brokers.

Do all your trades make money?

No. We win more than we can lose. This is not a day trading speculative stock chasing line of work. The risks are minimized, only high probability trades are selected and when the market conditions are right these orders executed. No one can promise that, if they do there is something wrong.

How do I get started trading ?

You can open a virtual account and practice paper  trading, learning the craft so as to speak. A basic knowledge of how options work is needed which can be easily learned.

How much money I need to get started?

That depends on your personal needs. When starting always trade small with fewer positions till you get familiarized with option trades and get used to it. Many people start with just $5000 accounts, Some with $100,000. Bigger accounts also have the same risks as smaller accounts.

Do I have to monitor the trades ?

Attention needs to be paid and monitoring is recommended. You do not have to watch the markets as they trade on a constant basis. This not a day trading vehicle where ups and downs are calculated everyday. There is no trading involved unless there is an emergency.

How many trades you post every month?

Usually 2-6 trades are posted in the portfolio. It all depends how the markets are working and if there enough premiums available. Two iron condors which consists of 2 spreads each are the norms. There are other bonus trades as they happens and opportunities arise. You just have to pick and choose those that you like and there is no requirement you follow all the trades.

Whats the minimum account size I need to start ?

The minimum account I have seen is $2500. Start small and build up. Its the yield that matters, earn 5% on $2500 or $250,000, the yield remains the same.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Your personal information like email and name will never be sold of distributed. Signing via Paypal is very secure we don’t see any of your financial details.

How much it costs?

Its $ 29.95 USD per month.

How do I get started?

Click below and start making money,

We never sell or distribute your personal information.