Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Any good ideas for a stock trading club?

I’m thinking about starting a stock trading club with some of my friends. I used to be in one before. Some of the ideas I have are sharing in $ 100 each every week, monitoring heat populations, monitoring of our portfolio, discuss the market and the future. . Does anyone have any good idea or experiences they would like to share with me? thanks

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2 Responses to “Any good ideas for a stock trading club?”
  1. herkco says:

    You left the old stock club for a reason. What will be different about your new stock club?
    Do you want to invest or “trade”, or socialize? Or, heaven forbid, make money? Clubs are generally social activities in the end.
    Strike a course of your own.

  2. numbaONE!!! says:

    i started one not even two months ago. send me a message if you want the material i have used as handouts.

    but yeah, the way mine functions is that we all get together once a week, and i assigned all of the members a sector of the economy to be an expert on. They focus in on the financials, energy, retail…etc. anyway, i pass on all the benefits of my research, because i do a lot more than anyone else does. I basically am teaching them how to go from being a “follow the pack” investor to a “value” investor.

    Pooling money is ok, as long as you are 18, as well as anyone in your club. I am 17, so it is illegal, but if i decide to, i may just have someone else be legally in charge of that so that we can invest in our current findings on stock.

    But yeah, handouts and group discussions where people bring up noteable finds in the market, as well as trends are what we look at. I also am in the process of teaching everyone how to read a company’s Income Statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement to determine whether a company is doing well with its internal economics.

    Some books i would reccommend reading are:
    Buffettology by Mary Buffett (Great for stock analysis)

    The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham (considered one of the best books ever written on stocks)

    The essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America (the heaviest and most in-depth book you will probably ever read on investing; it is a compilation of the letters to buffett’s shareholders in his company Berkshire Hathaway)

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