Monday, February 9th, 2015

Any one know a good stock trading coach?

I have been negotiating for almost a? Or, and I’m doing pretty well. I like it? To find a professional to discuss business and trade shares from time to time. I am a college student, and pay? which can afford good information? n.

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4 Responses to “Any one know a good stock trading coach?”
  1. Bear says:

    This is a membership site ..see what you think.
    Watch the videos..”trade the triangles”

  2. Andy says:

    Where do you have your brokerage account now?

    Most online brokerage firms have brokers you can talk to. If no one has been assigned to you, ask to have a broker. The broker may not know any more than you do, but your talking through the subject will give you the reflection time you need.

    Winning in investing isn’t about information, it’s about controlling your emotions. Keep that in mind when you talk to the broker and you’ll be able to reflect on whether the common mistakes — fear of loss, confirmation bias, narrow framing, etc. — are blinding you to what’s really happening. For an unbiased view of pure trend, check out my website; it’s free.

  3. slavaret2 says:

    - this one’s free and you can talk to a few good traders.

  4. aegtsedg says:


    You said
    “a trading professional to discuss stock and trade with from time to time.”

    Most traders at Woodies CCi club will help you for free ( don’t pay the ones that charge over the Internet)
    Find a trading club in your area and speak to different traders
    ken Woods ( Woodie) has a good reputation as being a free place to discuss your ideas:


    Here is a list of various trading coaches, but these do charge a fee !!

    Charles Faulkner

    Robin Dayne

    Larry Pesavento

    Adrienne Toghraie

    Ari Kiev

    Dr. Van K Tharp

    Ruth Barrons Roosevelt


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