Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Applied options strategies

applied options strategies. How to use technical analysis to select the best option strategy available


8 Responses to “Applied options strategies”
  1. lordbinder says:

    I see you found part 2 and 3, the idea is to make a preparation analysis to select then the best strategy available

  2. enoxard says:

    good information.

    but this is really more about technical analysis than options strategy.

  3. lordbinder says:

    no problem

  4. davidcftv says:

    Thank you for your free videos.

  5. lordbinder says:

    I solved that problem a few months after making the video, sorry about that

  6. Ardrex says:

    audio was recorded much too low.

  7. lordbinder says:

    that issue is on youtube side :(

  8. edmondublianda says:

    very slow buffering…

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