Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Are there some good free stock trading software?

I am the owner (actually have not even begun? N) and I s? I want to catch a glimpse of c? Mo these people are like in the stock markets. The intent? simulators and downloaded a few, but that did not work properly. Is there any good negotiation? N, f actions? Easy to use software ah? I do not need an? Lysis. S? I want to see the gr? Traffic and n? Groupers. And I’m starting, as well? which, of course, being free is important. . . Any ideas?

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2 Responses to “Are there some good free stock trading software?”
  1. kate says:

    Just use the yahoo finance page .
    You can create hypothetical portfolios and track them there .

    There is also an education section at the bottom of the investing tab .

    The best software is your ‘brain’ .

    Personally , I recommend you start with a pretend $10,000 budget ,
    Buy that much ( total ) worth of several stocks ,
    Then see how they are doing at the end of the summer .

    good luck


  2. sandi_bottoms says:

    What Kate said! I had to give her a thumbs up as I couldn’t have said it better.

    Build your portfolio with the $10k. Track your stocks daily. Keep a journal of profits and/or losses. If you don’t like a stock, sell it and subtract the loss from your $10k. Buy a new one and follow it. You’ll learn what is good and bad about the stocks and how to invest.

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