Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

August 9, 09: Weekend Stock Trading Edition

FreeTradingVideos.com The broad markets have continued upward—but for how much longer? In this video we review the S&P500 and Nasdaq looking at key support and resistance levels with the addition of Fibonacci retracement areas.

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4 Responses to “August 9, 09: Weekend Stock Trading Edition”
  1. maximumvalues says:

    D7, ive been on a mini holiday. very nice. one thing that made me laugh hysterically is SRS. the malls were full and everyone was paying thier rent on time and this traded at $60 in 2007. now the malls are half empty in some parts and the remaining tenants struggle to pay rent. CREITS have diluted thier equity by issuing new shares and SRS is $11. if this market does not make some people go completely bonkers … then they probably were already bonkers in the first place. good luck!

  2. Schweizer135 says:

    Put in the 200 week MA- we’re there.

  3. pkjattsexy says:

    d7…what do think of ..ticker……leap…. I know its getting hammered…but It did not bottom out in March…it was going up in March….when the whole …mkt… found bottom…..

  4. poolfixer says:

    Hi D7, First I would like to say I appreciate you putting out your technical analysis every day. I use it as part of my technical analysis and post it to different forums. Thanks. Question. We have had one heck of a run over the last several weeks. I am concerned with us having a nice up day on friday 08/07/09 and Goldman Sachs a cornerstone stock was down $ 3.10 (1.86%) . I have been lucky to catch the last 5% of this run but am now concerned.
    Does this bother you D7 ? Any Thoughts ?

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