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August IWM calendar spread 8/12/08 update

August 8th , 2008

What a lucky day with all eights in the date! After successfully closing all trades on IWM for profits, here is the new trade with just one week to go. This will gather theta in 4 trading days and if the index stays around 73.5 area should yield some good results, at least that’s what is hoped for. Break even are 71.09/75.09.


This is a short term trade with 20% yield targeted. Its called a “guerrilla trade” by options mentor Dan

August 12th, 2008

The trade was closed today for a Net credit = $ 1.49 Profit = 0.06 reason being IWM advanced and refused to go down thereby creating a threat to the Break even points on expiration. Right now IWM closed 74.87 which makes it possible to exit the trade with just a small profit. A profit is a profit after all and not a loss. We sailed through..

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  1. Роман says:

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