Friday, March 10th, 2017

August NDX trade – update 8/6/2008

With the market up second day in row NDX at 1900 levels and hitting 50 day moving average above, closed the NDX put spread for 0.05 cents. The theta on the spread was far less than next months at the same strike or above. Will look for new set ups in the making.

Closed NDX August bull put spread = 0.80 credit -.05 debit = 0.75 profits.

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One Response to “August NDX trade – update 8/6/2008”
  1. Вика says:

    Увлекательная тема, не прекращайте писать. Поделюсь, что у вас натыкаюсь на ответы, которые толкают к дальнейшим размышлениям. Очень признательна!

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