Monday, February 19th, 2018

The long awaited happened. On June 24 , 2016 Britain voters decided to pull their country out of European Union. It was expected that Britain will pull out after suffering  two decades of financial woes and immigration issues with rest of the Europe. As a free economy it will have consequences and may enter a […]

After 2 months of turmoil all this year since January 1 2016 to March 1 2016 looks like we have retraced 61.8 % of the original drop. Most of the stocks are making comebacks from deep down destroy3ed charts. It will take another month before we get even where we were. Its a V shaped […]

There are 4 gaps since SPX made a bottom in 2/11/16. These gaps occur during overnight futures pits and handed to us at open. Instead of down gaps these upper gaps. Oh what a way to bring the market up institutionally ! Here is a video please watch with major stocks making a comeback. The […]

This action indicative of a bottom. After selling off for month and half long can this go on? Sell each bounce and than go back home flat is the theme. So lets see if this SPX bounce to 1900 gets shorted again. Its been a horrific year so far, just don’t forget.

Setting another low once again after a brief run up which actually formed a bear flag is typical outcome. This happened before on August 24 2015 and a double dip hammered longs into submission. The same pattern is repeating here with more viciousness. The VIX is up to 25 area and still below 30. All […]

Market gyrations and bears growling. Its been all this year that the market has lost ground and made a lows down to 1800 , having recovered 50% it slammed again to the downside today and looked like the downward trend will continue. As long we stay above 1900 here market would either be sideways or […]

Relentless selling brings market below August lows once again. Where would be go now? Take a look at this video. There should be a bounce in the cards as the market is extremely oversold. Every major stock is hit and nesting against its 200 day moving average : If you like this you can use […]

Here is the latest on the stock market technical analysis. Take a look if you think this market should reverse this week. I believe it will because of the conditions it has created which makes stocks cheaper and technical s to reverse. If it didnt reverse SPX is headed to August lows around 1865. Please […]

This is the last trade for the year 2015. Using these option strategies and much more,  we have more than doubled our accounts in 2015.   SPX February Iron Condor posted 12/30/15  7:26 PST Sell 5 SPX February 1900 puts Buy 5 SPX February 1875 puts=2.00 credit   Sell 2 SPX February 2175 call Buy […]

This has been a fabulous year for us. In 2015 we doubled our accounts and more. There have been very few losses and some of the losses taken were deliberate to avoid bigger losses. I am really proud of my performance and its a gift from God and giving us a very helpful market for […]