Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Avoid Simple Traps In Stock Market

Hab? To once a merchant has adopted a trend-following, the focus of the position? N of negotiation? Ny had enough? Success. His approach was to generate a trade order for the d? Next next? S the close of business each day? To and always follow your system. While not a d? A merchant, real-time quotes obtained from its data provider, presumably to keep better track of his? Hits. A d? A, in the midst of a strong RECOVERY? Na medium term, which country? long Wooden four contracts with an order to sell short in 4080. In the first minutes of negotiation? No order was made and it was reversed? in a position? n short. A few minutes after? S that a report came out? that it caused? Wood to fly m? S high in almost its l? Allows full daily. Suddenly, this merchant was reduced 3,712 d? Dollars in four contracts in s? The questionnaire? N minutes. Totally shocked about? to find out what? do. If cover their short positions immediately in the stock market? If you hold? ? Cu? L is the appropriate course of action? N? Fearing that the stock market does not “lock” the l? Upper limit, covered? the position? No cut and was flat. ? I wonder? To know that at the end of d? A, Wood closed down at exactly the price at which the room? To short the same d? To? At d? Next Wood opened? sharply lower and continued to? sinking. Instead of losing a little in the first d? To and celebration? N a position? N short profitable following our merchant suffering? p? loss of $ 3,712 and do not dare you to a return to the position? n short, thus missing out on a further $ 10,240 profit. His lack moment? Line of discipline cost him? 13,952 d? Dollars. ? Oh! ? De d? Nde this merchant go wrong in the stock market? Two things come to mind. First, if you have taken the decisive? N not being a d? A merchant, continuation, use, real-time quotes can be very dangerous in the stock market. Undisciplined trader for a m? Machine quote can be the equivalent of one m? Slot machine. You see the possibilities flashing before his eyes and feels compelled to play. Adem? S, on the basis of their business approach, by all rights of the trader in this case or even duty? To have been aware of turns soffit? To Wooden. If I had been out of reading a good book instead of looking at the screen of your budget not s? It there? To save a considerable sum of money, but also? N all of the emotional distress she went with see the movement of the stock market strongly against? l, arbitrarily the decisive? No bail, and then watching the stock market moving again in the direction? No right, no? l aboard. The second error this trader made in the stock market was not complying with their approach. Their system said to be short, but succumbed to fear and stood out at the point of m? Maximum pain. Stock markets do not know that is long or short, and certainly not moving in a particular way, just to inflict pain on you personally. It just seems that way sometimes. One of the keys to longevity is to know the following: The stock market will frustrate and inflict pain that occasionally. This is simply a fact of commercial life. The trick is not to defeat or inflict pain on yourself. The stock market will do what is going to do and no way you can control. What? Only one who can control is you react to the events of the stock market. His extraordinary choice to do so is to have a well thought out plan and follow it with precision? N. If you succumb to fear or greed or ego you become your worst enemy. S to know? same as? as you do, do you really want as your worst enemy?

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