Wednesday, October 25th, 2017


7 Responses to “Beginner Forex Trading”
  1. AM2M says:

    Good simple video

  2. gutrp says:

    simple he is the best one! Nice grapevine

  3. laton2010 says:

    Mant put lamb away from the foreign exchange business is a devil s? As 5% make money on it, which are banks, market vendors and intermediaries. going to different markets that are real gold and petr? leo.

  4. i0am0a0daytrader says:

    check my channel for video’s about? daytrading and trade like me in forex (EUR/USD,? CAD/JPY? etc. ), stocks (coca-cola, phillips etc. ),? commodities (gold, silver, oil etc. ) and indices (Nasdaq, Nikkei etc.


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