Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Best Trading Strategy – Stan Weinstein Heres a simple trading strategy that can be applied to stocks, forex and futures markets. My studies have consistently shown that two equally bullish charts will perform far differently if one is from a bullish sector while the other breakout is in a bearish group. The favourable chart in the bullish group will often quickly advance 50 to 75 percent while the equally bullish chart in a bearish group may struggle to a 5 to 10 percent gain. – Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets, Stan Weinstein, (McGraw-Hill 1992) Listen to Stuart McPhee as he discusses how you can best apply this trading strategy in your trading. For more information please visit


28 Responses to “Best Trading Strategy – Stan Weinstein”
  1. StockTradingMaster says:

    I like this video.

  2. oxbadcoded says:

    I don’t believe in strategy those authors of these kind of books are failed traders otherwise why are they selling it looks like a jew by the name of it

  3. freeSCALPINGindicato says:

    Scalping is the key

  4. MikeTysonEatsKids says:


    how has tradin been so far now using weinsteins methods?

  5. GAFNN says:

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  6. GAFNN says:

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  7. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

    Thanks for great video.
    I prefer Free Forex EA…have a great results

  8. djenyns says:

    @bingosumma MetaStock

  9. bingosumma says:

    What software program are you using?

  10. petecabrina says:


    Just go to incrediblecharts (dot) com Its the most comprehensive charting site in Australia and the forums, even though quiet these days are filled with excellent information, including many traders who rely on Weinstein techniques. You just need to avoid putting much money into the market if you are new to it and spend at least 12 months studying, paper trading and coming up with comfortable and consistent methods to trade by.

  11. petecabrina says:

    Stans basics trend system has to be the most valuable and simple technical tool, especially in medium term trading. Rather than comparing indices I like to simply identify bubbles, uranium 5 years ago, gold last few years, copper right and simple jump on to the back of break outs that have settled and moving into stage twos. However I do tend to trade short term looking for a quick 10-20% but making sure I trade stocks that are trending properly in hot sectors makes it so much easier.

  12. FxChat says:

    Danke????? für?? dieses?? Video

  13. holdon527 says:

    Steinitz fractal-pterodactyl-robot

    to have this robot $16 check out my channel

  14. gotmyfingerrscrowsed says:

    @GARMIN2009 being frugal doesn’t mean your not successful, often quite the opposite.

  15. efrainc23 says:

    djenyns, could you PLEASE advice me on the following questions: 1.- The best trading book for newbies, 2.- I’ve bought The Long-term Day Trader: Short-term Strategies to Boost Your Long-term Profits from Michael Sincere, Deron Wagner; what do you thing about it? 3.- about techniques learned on day trading, can they be applied to a week trading basis? 4.- can you please recommend one online trainnig site (like howthemarketworks), 5.- which online broker is better for a newbie like me?

  16. ZerroRozario says:

    Any indicators doesn’t exist! This lie shuts eyes to a reality.

  17. nxtbartrading says:

    Nice Video. Learn how to read volume which 995 of all traders cannot.

  18. ALIBABAEEE says:

    at calfin trading page you can perform the live strategy tests online (what this guy is saying seems true only to certain extent). exactly what trader should do to verify the reliability of his strategy.

  19. ALIBABAEEE says:

    at calfin trading page you can perform the live strategy tests online (what this guy is saying seems true only to certain extent). exactly what trader should do to verify the reliability of his strategy.

  20. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

    Nice, i can share Free Forex EA…Great results

  21. kirscolb says:

    Yes. I saw him on cnbc recently. He now has white hair. His book is as relevant as ever.

  22. i0am0a0daytrader says:

    check my channel for video’s about daytrading and trade like me in forex (EUR/USD, CAD/JPY? etc.), stocks (coca-cola, phillips etc.),? commodities (gold, silver, oil etc.) and indices (Nasdaq, Nikkei etc.

  23. GARMIN2009 says:

    Best Trading Strategy hahahahahahahahaha what a joke man your laptop is over a Cardboard >>>> buy i good office then talk about Best Trading Strategy .

  24. Carlosg72 says:

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  25. naptolmie says:

    Hi there, i am new to you tube but not to trading. From what i have seen you really have my attention. Is there a way that i can down load the videos on this site so i can burn them and watch them several times???

  26. Mika says:

    “The small stock trader” by Mika is also a small unique book that covers almost all the major stock market topics such as the traits of a successful small stock trader, how to choose a few simple focus stocks, market sentiment and industry, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, short selling, your edge and competition, catalysts that move the stock prices, stock trading plan, discipline, risk management and psychology. It is a simple book of about 100 small-sized pages (more like a collection of tips, perhaps 4-5 hours read), but it will answer many of your questions, so, it is a great book to start (no need to mention that about 90% of your lessons you are going to learn from your own experience/mistakes). It is also a fun-to-read book, as it is accompanied by a few jokes and observations from poker, intelligence world, relationships, happiness, Zen, and psychology.

  27. Jan says:

    My favorite stock trading books are:

    • The small stock trader by Mika
    • “Lessons from the greatest stock traders of all time” and “How legendary traders made millions” both by John Boik
    • “Reminiscences of a stock operator” and “How to trade in stocks” both by Jesse Livermore
    • How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market by Nicolas Darvas
    • How to make money in stocks by Willien O’Neil


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