Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Birth of Facebook – Facebook IPO

The much hyped marketed  IPO of Social Media Website just started trading few minutes ago. The hype was so much that crowds were gathering outside Times Square in New York and elsewhere. Big blasting neon signs. There was a small crowd here with me as I am on the Iphone with a trader friend of mine and on the Skype and couple of people standing over my shoulder looking at the screen in wonder. Even my My cat got excited in this recording and started meowing at the same time ! You may hear the cat meow in the video about 1.52 minutes into the tape. That is the real IPO sound!

Here is the video of Facebook’s initial minutes trading please enlarge to watch :

This is the best hype  marketing I have seen preceding an IPO debut. Public images of CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his people are pasted on major websites. We wish them luck and happy trading.

The stock opened at 42 and hit a high at 45 in the first minute and ever since its going down with this down market. You have to know that the stock market is in tail spin last two weeks and hasn’t had much of a chance to come back. With a down market it is highly unlikely that the Facebook stock will make it much higher today. I could be wrong too, it may defy everything with this hype.


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  1. The historical Facebook IPO did not go according to the plan. There were problems with processing of orders, which may have contributed to the fact that when stock exchange was closing, share price of the exorbitantly valued social networking site was close to its reference price.

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