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Books suggestions on option trading?

Hi, I’m looking for a good book on options trading to be? A good for a beginner / first timer, but not too b? Psycho who will not have? A ning? N value shortly. Something that covers the concepts b? Musicians, but also? N enters the parts m? S advanced. I’m interested in something more? S to call, using puts to protect stocks that I have is what I am trying to understand better. Sometimes I feel like a well-written book is better than all the information? N the Internet, for some reason? N. The ideal book to be? To also? No cover many of the newcomers to advance options strategies. As I’m starting to see a combination? N stock and option? No purchase may be more beneficial for m s?. R I am a beginner? Ask and just enter the stock trading. ? Last 2 months and I gan? an increase of 17% realized! FYI: I have this book and its great! The m? s pretty small to gu? to for the investment? n Stock Market, editing? n 2010 by Jason have KellyGracias-Brianna changed a single extraordinary choice yet? a. I’ve been close. At this point I am granted access for trade in extraordinary choice of level 2. I am sure now easier than ever to get m? S high that is just what you ordered? at the time that prevents me from going too far, possibly over my head.

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4 Responses to “Books suggestions on option trading?”
  1. InspectorBudget says:

    There are good tutorials on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange web site:

    They give pretty comprehensive descriptions of options, plus strategies like Iron Condor, Strangles, Straddles, Collars, etc.

  2. Tangent says:

    If you know all the basics about options and want to start learning the complexities of derivatives, Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives by Hull is perhaps the most comprehensive book you can buy. If you are looking for a more applicable book and are comfortable with options terminology, Taleb wrote a book called Dynamic Hedging, Managing Vanilla and Exotic Options that is incredibly useful.

  3. Sagar Lakhani says:

    Book Recommendations: Investing

    Here are some general book recommendations when it comes to the topic of investing:

    Stocks for the Long Run, 4th Edition: The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns and Long Term Investment Strategies
    by Jeremy J. Siegel
    – This is a book that I recommend to all those who are just starting to learn a little bit more about the stock market and investing in general. This book is recommended after you have a general knowledge about the stock market.

    Investments, 10th Edition
    by Charles P. Jones
    – This is a book that I recommend to all those who already have a basic knowledge about stocks and investing and for those who wish to expand their knowledge.

    Wealth Forever: The Analytics of Stock Markets
    by Sarkis J. Khoury, Poorna Pal, Chunsheng Zhou, and John Karayan
    – This is a book for people with a superior knowledge of the stock market, investing, and the mathematical formulas involved in creating financial instruments. This book is recommended for all those who want to expand their knowledge on investing using advanced mathematical principles and measures.


    This book will help you find valuable information about options trading.

    Derivatives Markets, Second Edition
    by Robert L. McDonald
    – This is a book that is for people extremely interested in derivatives and in the mathematical tools needed to comprehend derivatives. This is a book for people who already possess a thorough understanding of the stock market.

  4. Kasey C says:

    Anything by Fontanallis.

    He’s founder of Optionetics, if I remember right.

    Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days
    C program run. C program crash. C programmer quit.

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