Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

BTS1) Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Trading Course Introduction Learn to Trade Stocks Forex Futures

www.informedtrades.com http Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Trading Series Introduction. This series will consist of different trading videos for newer traders and provide them with a map of how to start out their trading career.

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11 Responses to “BTS1) Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Trading Course Introduction Learn to Trade Stocks Forex Futures”
  1. Mackoek says:

    nice vid :)

  2. InformedTrades says:

    Thank you! Be sure to check out the playlist on the YouTube homepage which will be a growing collection of Brendan and Shoot’s Beginner Training videos!

  3. candyman8909 says:

    Guys I am much proud of this tutorial.
    I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I am so happy these guys are just as young as me. Finally somebody who can relate to me.

  4. InformedTrades says:

    Hey Candyman,

  5. pentium2028 says:

    boys awsome video! I am with many desire to all series of commerce and education.

  6. InformedTrades says:

    Hey Pentium,
    Thanks we really appreciate it! Positive feedback gives Shoot and I a great feeling so we really do appreciate you saying that!


  7. TriPanther23 says:

    Awesome video! Good job,guys!!


  8. InformedTrades says:

    Hey Snesareva,
    Thank you very much!!

  9. smkuhner says:

    Hey do either of you (Brendan or Shoot) have any literature that you would recommend reading, that specifically follows the kind of trading strategies that you guys recommend?

    There is so much out there and i’m trying to weed through the garbage, your help would be greatly appreciated, i love your videos!


  10. InformedTrades says:

    Hey Shawn,
    I personally have not read any literature that outlines our trading methods and insights, however Shoot is releasing his Pro Course within the next week that will cover topics from market mechanics, market psychology, and outline and explain the actual plays and strategies we use.

    Thanks for your compliment I’m glad you enjoy these vids :)



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