Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Bullish Butterfly – Forex Pattern Trade Setup

www.fxgroundworks.com – Here is the u setup we discussed in the morning webinar and has now played out. We’ll walk you through the whole trade if its a winner or a loser…

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3 Responses to “Bullish Butterfly – Forex Pattern Trade Setup”
  1. donyasterski says:

    Great video, I saw the contented part 2 and of which you después the routes to show its pérdidas. You are one of the few that really harÃa. I was in the room when small made this commerce and I podrÃa not be mÃcontented s of cà ³ mo has gone the things in all. My pérdidas have left and although itself working in my gains that I am making an enormous step forward with you. ÂThanks!

  2. jimmyJHY says:

    ditto. . keep up the vids!

  3. johntracker45 says:

    Impressive as always, you were in the vacuum cleaner but to gather them well! " Tracker"

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