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Business Question! help! help!?

Please resolver42. Treating others unjustly may lead to retaliation by the injured party. This is likely to create a: A. situación.B lose-win. lose-perder.C situation. win-ganar.D. Golden Rule application. # 1. 2 (2 pts.) 141. When the federal government spends more in one year than it receives in tax revenue, the result is called: A. PIB.B. deflator federal.C allocation of the reserve. pagos.D balance deficit. national deficit. # 1. 3 (2 pts.) 165. The main objective of resource development is to find ways to: A. Finding the right balance between policies that promote economic growth and policies to promote other goals such as equitable distribution of ingreso.B. allocate resources more efficiently between different usos.C. increase the amount of resources and create conditions to make better use of these recursos.D. central planning to promote the use of resources so that resources can be allocated to applications that benefit society most. # 1. 4 (2 pts.) 15. As you explore your options for starting a new business at the old location Navy base in Philadelphia, Mort has reviewed the tax and government regulations that would find. He has discovered that some nearby states offer less regulation and lower taxes in his home state and wondered if it would be unwise to locate your business in one of these states. These concerns indicate that Mort decision will be influenced by: A. socio-religioso.B. jurídico.C economic environment. half ambiente.D demographic. technological environment. # 1. 5 (2 pts.) 190. The three countries involved in NAFTA are: A. Canada, Panama and the Unidos.B. Canada, Mexico and the Unidos.C. Canadian D. México.México Nicaragua and Panama and the United States. # 1. 6 (2 pts.) 24. Bennettville is a small, poor nation, but its current president has a genuine desire to create more wealth for citizens. The president has received recommendations from several of his advisers. Which of the following recommendations can create more wealth for Bennettville? A. Acquire more land by invading a neighboring country that is even poorer and weaker than Bennettville.B. Establish barriers to trade to protect companies from competition extranjera.C Bennettville. Establish a business environment that encourages and rewards initiative empresarial.D. Using foreign aid to other nations to buy more tools and machinery. # 1. 7 (2 pts.) 64. The vice president of human resources at the car wash business WAWA is convinced that workers need to realize the benefits of their hard work. This reveals the responsibility of the company to: A. sociedad.B. clientes.C. empleados.D. investors. # 1. 8 (2 pts.) 188. An organization that helps companies specializing in building relationships with customers and foreign suppliers is known as a (a): A. internacional.B brokerage. mundial.C trade bank. export trade of the empresa.D. keiretsu. # 1. 9 (2 pts.) 225. Use of contract manufacturing as a strategy to reach global markets offers companies the advantage of: A. riesgos.B reduction. moneda.C stability. important marcha.D start-up costs. increased volatility. # 1. 10 (2 pts.) 115. Last year, the nation imported goods Tigerland totaling $ 500 million and exported products totaling $ 386,000,000. Tigerland experienced (a): A. comercial.B unfavorable balance. comercial.C surplus. comercial.D favorable balance. benefits of membership of a free trade area.

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