Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Can anyone recommend some good books on short-term stock trading?

I am using long-term investment for my long term goals. But I like? To take a small part and learn to trade stocks short term. ? There alg? N ot good book? Techniques that you recommend? To?


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  1. rkoblitz says:

    As I hope you know, short-term stock trading is very risky. However, if you must, and are only taking a small portion which you are willing to lose it all, then here is a book for you.

  2. Screaming Eagle says:

    Try “More Wealth without Risk” by Charles Givens.

  3. muncie birder says:

    to do short term trading you need to master technical analysis. One book that will give you the tools is “Technical Analysis of Financial Markets” John Murphy.

  4. Hoa N says:

    yes, before you become a good short-term trader, you should learn TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, MARKET CYCLES, FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS
    check this book out, Must read Stock Traders Almanac by JEFF HIRSCH
    check this web site out
    Yes you could learn invest by yourself. it is your money, you should know how to do with it. for starter check this site out. section university. a lot amount of information. It will serve you well
    I accumulate in good amount in 401k at the young age.I could share with you. when consider invest in stock market. you should consider basic 3 things:

    fundamental analysis==(economic data,finincial health, management, business model, competetion)>>what to buy

    technical analysis==(chart+indicator)>> when to buy

    Sentiment/schycho analysis==>>mood of investor, Contrarian point of view.
    Market cycle===>> check out book Trader Almanac by jeff hirsch will give you inside stuff
    When you combine 3 thing, It is one of the powerful knowledge goinh with you for the rest of your live

    At the age of 32. my 401k is amassed 74,000.00 and 30000.00 in taxble account. by follow simple rule

  5. bookbyte says:

    The other books recommended are all good, but I’m not sure that I would recommend them as a place to start.
    I like ‘A beginner’s guide to Day Trading Online’ by Toni Turner.

    I have read a lot of books on trading, and I still use this one for a quick reference. It is clear and concise, and gives a good overview of what is needed to be successful in short term trading.

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