Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Can anyone tell me the basic things i need to know for stock trading?

In my economy class? To is going to be trading stocks for about 2 months, but I have no idea of c? Mo do that. Can anyone tell me the things b? SICAS on trade in values? S? that on any claim, demand quality, the? stica, INEL? stica, etc. . but idk c? mo trade. . someone help = (my grade depends on it and I am an adult

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  1. John says:

    There are many many resources on the internet about this. Check out the two sites below. For your class, I would probably suggest looking at the charts of companies and see how they are doing the past couple of months. You can use for their charts. For short term playing money you don’t need to know the in’s and out’s of stock trading. 75% of all stocks are dropping right now so to get any stock that is gaining will be a winner.
    Basically, you want to buy a stock that you think the price will do up. Let’s say that you buy 1000 shares of Microsoft stock at $32. Your price will be $32,000 + transaction fee.

  2. Narach I says:

    As you are a student and required to trade in stocks for the next two months; we would suggest that you visit our website

    In the table of contents you would find specific web pages listed which may give you a starting point towards refining your trading system. The titles of the web pages are listed below:

    investment management and trading in the stock market
    investment management and the first trade
    investment management and the first position
    investment management and stock market simulation
    stock market investment rules
    stock market investment strategies

    You just have to click on the title and you would be able to view its content.

    The other web pages would make interesting reading and help you in your endevour.

  3. Dr Jim says:

    Diversification is key!! Buy unrelated industries. Pick industries that are currently in favor: agriculture, mining, alternative energy.

  4. 92393 says:

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