Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Can I fund online stock trading with a credit card?

Is it possible to trade stocks of credence in l? Line using no real capital?


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  1. Swaminathan P says:

    almost many leading traders like ICCI, HDFC, KODAK and many more offer this facility

  2. AM-NM centaur says:

    Nope. You need to get a cash advance and deposit it to your brokerage account.

  3. te144 says:

    Not sure. The credit card charges the broker 2 or 3% charge which (if it happens) would be charged back to you, plus you would pay, probably !%/mo interest.. For the fun of it call in a order and see what happens and get back to us. Maybe you can start something that will revive the economy (or not). HopaHopaHope.

  4. mason pearson says:

    I haven’t really keep up with SEC/ Exchange rules, but it used to be illegal to purchase stock with borrowed money. If you told your broker you had borrowed money, the broker, according to the rules could not accept the trade. It went on because the broker never asked where the money came from.. chuckle.

    BUT funding with a credit card would automatically make it borrowed money. I will bet you can not.

    ALSO if you are borrowing money to fund a stock account that is a very bad idea.

  5. Jazzy J says:

    nope u cant……. credit cards dnt work every where dude

  6. Ron Berue says:

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  7. src50 says:

    Yes, but its a stupid idea. Investing with borrowed money is foolish.

  8. A nobody says:

    You nor anyone else can do trading (on line or not) with a credit card.

    The use of credit in this country is under the rules & regulations of the Federal Reserve Board (not the SEC).
    All banks & brokers must follow these rules & regs.

    The use of a credit card let’s the buyer purchase without the use of money, the Fed’s rule state that this can not be done.
    All security purchases must be paid in full on or before the settlement date of the transactions, or under the rules of margin, the customer must deposit 50% of the pruchase price and have initial minimum equity in the account of $2000

    Bases on these rules – NO ONE CAN USE A CREDIT CARD

  9. ggad free says:

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