Tuesday, September 26th, 2017


Beginner’s guide to stock trading. This video is about the ‘candlestick’ in stock charting technical trading. Very basic and meant for the person who has never traded before and doesn’t currently understand candlestick charting. For those traders that are interested there are more of these free videos available at www.thestockmentor.com


3 Responses to “Candlesticks”
  1. TheRooDog123 says:

    @TheStockMentor yep, thnx

  2. TheStockMentor says:

    @TheRooDog123 Good question! If price opens and closes even 1 penny ABOVE where it opened the candle will look like a black candle only because the body is not big enough to show the actual body of the candle. If price closes 1 penny BELOW where it opened the candle will appear red for the same reason. If a candle opens at $3 and closes at $2.99 the body won’t be big enough to show anything so it looks like a ‘cross’ and is red because price closed lower than it opened. Make sense?

  3. TheRooDog123 says:

    very nice vid. very clear. thnx

    what about the corsses? like the second last one? they open and close at the same price but move during the day? why is it red then?

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