Friday, October 20th, 2017


10 Responses to “Carey Price does his best Patrick Roy imitation”
  1. danhabsfan9 says:

    @ NashPreds39 classless? when a player puts in the chapter that is representing 100 of the best hockey players of all time. and the price has been terrible from the first year. montreal only cousin has more pride then a city of hockey does not mean other classes.

  2. DJGAMBLE21 says:

    and this is the guy who maintains and sent Halak. . . lmao. . . habs stupid. . . which is no excuse that “it can improve.” . . lmao. . .

  3. spoogerification says:

    habs fans are best in the land they love u if u screw ur good, but for a game and drive the U of Montreal

  4. 1ryad says:

    Carey Price is a bitch

  5. HPhenomenal says:

    montreal fans are like european soccer fans. . . they cheer their team when they do good, but a bad game and its BOO your own goalie.

  6. HPhenomenal says:

    @ Danhabsfan9 pride? fucking idiot.

  7. danhabsfan9 says:

    @ HPhenomenal what? you have a problem of pride?

  8. lasis97 says:

    the worst fans ever!

  9. akkwilly says:

    dumbest fans in hockey!! Win a playoff game burn down the city!! Goalie wins them a cup make him Primeminister, he has a bad game run em outa town! 20 year old goalie with enormous potential struggling a bit mock and boo him on home ice!!

  10. williamfleishman says:

    @ HockeyJock6476 Thanks. If I were NHL caliber do not like being booed, so do not do it to referees or players. I think my dad had much influence on how I can see and play the game. He always told me never argue with the referees and be respectful of other players.

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