Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

CMS Forex “The Arena”

The US Dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen and the Euro fight it out in the middle of a coliseum packed with currency traders.

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11 Responses to “CMS Forex “The Arena””
  1. alienkillerr says:

    bad ass ad

  2. richitko says:

    lol nice

  3. hyperborg2003 says:

    Ok. . . .

  4. airpigs says:

    go ninja go ninja go!

  5. DJcrust says:

    wow this is brilliant! jaja I like! Blogmycheapstuff visits my. blogspot. comlibre forex-things. blogspot. com

  6. cr01s says:

    hahahaha! go ninja! go japan yen? s!

  7. MaXeY2 says:


  8. cenotaphofmist says:

    wow, great!

  9. keitaru says:

    The d? Lar always cheats!

  10. rotenburk says:

    dollar = gay


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