Thursday, November 16th, 2017

COURSE – Day Trading Strategies (video1) – Learn the simple day trading strategies that I’ve been using successfully over the last 18 months to make a small fortune on the stock market. It’s really simple and if you follow my instructions you will succeed. I will show you how to do the best stock picks, when to buy, when to sell and show you some of the trading software I am using to trade stocks and make money – even in bad markets.


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  1. TradingWhiz says:

    Also, don’t focus too much on “daily” profit. If you do it will be a very rocky road for you since you might have a bad week where all your trades are unsuccessful. I try and focus on 2 to 4 week periods. It’s a lot less stressful.

  2. TradingWhiz says:

    The secret is to cut your losers short and let your winners run! Get rid of a losing trade a.s.a.p and move on before you lose money. If your stop loss is set 10% below the purchase price then it’s impossible to lose more than you make – even if you are crap at picking stocks.

  3. TradingWhiz says:

    $50,000 is a great start. To be honest you don’t need that much to start with. It’s important to start small. You cannot make $10,000 a month before you make $1,000 a month. When I started I only had $5,000. I would suggest you designate at least $50,000 of your capital to more long term strategies and then treat the remaining $25,000 like your only child!

  4. alex167216 says:

    thank you for your info you said you were making about $5000 a day trading what is the amount you are trading with to achieve that daily profit and what could is a realistic amount for me to make i currently have $50000 in my trading account

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