Friday, October 7th, 2016

COURSE – Day Trading Strategies (video2) – Learn the simple day trading strategies that I’ve been using successfully over the last 18 months to make a small fortune on the stock market. It’s really simple and if you follow my instructions you will succeed. I will show you how to do the best stock picks, when to buy, when to sell and show you some of the trading software I am using to trade stocks and make money – even in bear markets


2 Responses to “COURSE – Day Trading Strategies (video2)”
  1. TradingWhiz says:

    Watch videos 5 and 6 where I show you how to tell if the stocks is liely to go up. Also, in video 4 I make it clear what sort of time frames you are trading with this strategy – you can use it over any time frame by simply adjusting your moving averages. Please watch all the video before jumping to conclusions. If you have any questions just ask. The Trading Whiz –

  2. woodringkyle says:

    This isn’t a day trading strategy. In his example, he held onto the stock for a month and he didn’t make any mention of what strategy he used to determine that the stock price was going to go up.

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