Thursday, November 16th, 2017


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  1. MrYatesj1 says:

    @connectingdots1 I am not sure what you are smoking but the technicals, charts and out come are so far very different than the 1929 crash. I am not say we dont go lower but at this point Christian is no spot on.

  2. connectingdots1 says:

    @Gardian5 so are you gonna tell this Youtuber how he’s full of it also?? and how he’s trying to manipulate the markets to make money off others like you did on my video regarding the crash of the USD?

    You should pay attention to what this guy is saying as he’s spot on with his reference to the 1920’s market and today’s!
    the markets are rigged and THAT’S why I KNOW it’s about to CRASH along with the USD and then all other Fiat currencies will follow suite.

    It’s the cycle of 2012 get informed !

  3. Gardian5 says:

    LOL head and shoulders… the brand? LOL

  4. ryanhaart says:

    @clint0nify sure the market went down – for one day – now it is higher than at the time of the video. So there was no “crash”. No head and shoulders pattern that played out.

  5. clint0nify says:

    @ryanhaart the market went south the day this video was released….check your charts for the june 21st

  6. ryanhaart says:

    You have been bearish for several months now, and the market keeps going up. Has it occurred to you that your charts may not work?

  7. thecontentpeople says:

    I’m starting to put money in a fund called DXD. Anyone else here know about this and investors?

  8. Gizziiusa says:


  9. bandog1 says:

    damn u r good take my money, u get 50 % of profit.

  10. PSAadmin says:

    @kcirdrab Will work on it.

  11. kcirdrab says:

    Audio is poor, can`t hear it v. well & spealing too quickly.

  12. Medic37dan says:

    Nice analysis. It just ran mostly flat today. I’ll be watching that neckline for a breakdown. What’s confusing though (to me) is with the destruction of the dollar, I would think we’re heading into inflation/hyperinflation and the stocks should skyrocket (although not near as quickly as the $ loses value). I suppose we could see deflation and then inflation, which would be huge volatility as usually happens in terminal phases of fiat currency. THANKS FOR THE ANALYSIS!

  13. cabadejo says:

    Buy gold and more silver.
    Short the indices.

  14. cabadejo says:

    There was a mamma of a bearish pin bar from yesterday.
    This formed with price rejection from 10600.
    Today Boom – the price dives – down and down……
    We are looking a different aspects of the chart, so we have coincidence of indicators.
    I saw the bearish pin bar and thought of you – and no surprise you are BEARISH as usual.
    I 100% agree with you.
    This market is death for bulls now.

  15. PSAadmin says:

    @buffett1000 Thank you, nice to have you with us!

  16. buffett1000 says:


  17. PSAadmin says:

    @noetherianring thanks

  18. noetherianring says:


  19. PSAadmin says:

    @watersings Thank you, glad to have you with us!

  20. watersings says:

    thanks, you are a sage.

  21. PSAadmin says:

    @OldMrGrace I fully agree with that and noted that in past videos, but I have issues with the solvency of the U.S. dollar and with Oil being traded in dollars, I could find a problem with that short of Oil if the U.S. debt got downgraded. Also note, war could disrupt supply of oil and send oil higher even in a depression situation. I just think there are easier safer shorts than oil.

  22. OldMrGrace says:

    @PSAadmin Actually, crude oil has been a good leading indicator of what the markets have been doing recently. If you draw a support line on the chart for the last year you can see how support was breached last month and now that level is acting as very strong resistance at around $78 which is the 50 day MA.

  23. xoomoon says:

    @pokermon919 remember we go up on bad data.

  24. PSAadmin says:

    @dlmaniac Thank you, but I’d like to avoid that at all costs; let’s let those paid services sweat a little – our analysis is tough to beat and free… that will keep ’em up at night! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. dlmaniac says:

    Many thanks for the great free service. Tell you honestly I don’t mind you charge a fee for the work. I used some paid services before, and they weren’t half as good.

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