Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Crisis Watch 08-Oct-2009 Robert Fisks “Demise of the Dollar”

Gold hits record high. Gold price rises over $1000 The article in the independent stated that the arab world is departing from quoting oil in Dollar. Gold reacts with sudden jumps in prices, as well as other currencies against the Dollar.

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10 Responses to “Crisis Watch 08-Oct-2009 Robert Fisks “Demise of the Dollar””
  1. mn8aol says:

    I’m sure would not want to follow the advice from you. The Bible is very clear on the appropriate response to the mark of the beast.

  2. UncoverTruth says:

    The chip will be wider than you think. Imagine, if you can dominate or manipulate their emotions – to locate where you are in the red-hang failure to comply. I think we will be able to vex the spirit / soul. Most intend to take due to its strong technological capabilities – but underestimate its harmful effects and tortuous. Please understand if you take the card that happened to kingdoms that have never imagined or thought possible.

  3. mooseythejuiceman says:

    How do you get the “four weeks” time period? Do you have any sources to support this claim? Thanks! Glad to have the drawing board back!

  4. mn8aol says:

    I do not think the consideration of a chip. All speculative, I think the mark of the beast, it seems more likely to put himself in bondage to the antichrist. I agree with GPS capabilities yet.

  5. mn8aol says:

    They do not tell is that the Marxist government has been infiltrated for a while. centralized federal departments for education, welfare, safety come directly from the Soviet system. Marxists want to replace God with the State. Matthew 21:33-46

  6. margiemaae says:

    Are you REALLY suprised that the dollar
    lasted the week???
    Love your commentary. I always look forward to it.
    Woof/parsnip—–high 5. . . . . .

  7. tuktukktotam says:

    gold $ 1069 :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Christmas came early :)

  8. Norwegian73 says:

    The war is on. The US started to print money and want the USD to slide. The rest cant back it up, and have to join the race and print money aswell in the “low currency war”. The result is massive inflation. The chinese have realized what is happening and therefor they start talking about a new recerve currency. Will not happen for a long time. China loose. The inflation will reduce China`s reserve and western countries will have less debt. Grand Chess Game and a new beginning.

  9. dodoinurpants says:

    This beam of leña is ladr

  10. GanjaZombi2 says:

    I thought this guy said October will be horrible for the stock market, it’s poised to surpass 10,000 points on the Dow.

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