Monday, April 17th, 2017

currency day trading strategies – example of currency trading In the video I give an example of currency trading breakout in gbp/jpy on friday. I did not trade it for my own reasons, but you could have. One little note for today: remember that currency trading is tricky business, so be sure not to risk more than you can afford. If you want to learn more about currency day trading strategies visit my blog where I update information daily: You can also watch videos on my channel to learn more about forex trading.


7 Responses to “currency day trading strategies – example of currency trading”
  1. fibo777 says:

    I did not trade that. I think I said that.

  2. Deligance1000 says:

    Are you sure that money is really yours!

  3. fibo777 says:

    Yes, sometimes more than 5 pips, but generally around 5.

  4. pbylina says:

    So you use 15 minutes chart for news breakout? And 5 pips above below the range for entry?

  5. rolisinasg says:

    Good job on doing these videos. I’m still trying to understand forex strategies, so appreciate your help. Good luck.

  6. fibo777 says:

    Thanks, I will. The video wasn’t very good, but if you want to learn more about currency trading you can read my article about forex trading strategies. I put the url of the article in the description. Good luck in currency trading.

  7. tomygunification says:

    Very good overview. Keep on doing that fibo.

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