Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Dan Sheridan and Time Bomb Butterfly

What the heck is Time Bomb Butterfly ? Have you heard about this before ? Not if you have not watched Dan Sheridan of CBOE and his classical videos. Time Bomb Butterfly is a speculative trade , usually a directional bet and if you are right it pays you back 7 x to 10 x your initial investment. It costs very little to put these trades on. So if you are a good fortune teller and like to speculate these trades work out great. The butterfly is a 3 legged trade and you can place it for for as little as $50 to $100 and it can give you back $300 to $1000. What I like about these trade is the of risk/reward ratio, if you are right. So here is great video by Dan Sheridan of CBOE, take a listen.

Have any questions how this works? Join our members area where we do these trades nearly every month. These are highly rewarding and quick trades.


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