Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Dan Sheridan- Free GLD trade

Stock Market is again moving lower and ended at lowest point since November but not undercutting November lows. SPX and NDX still have some room to go down before they violate November lows. We are in trading range if these lows held up in coming week and may see a bounce.  Gold lately has been running hot and all gold stocks have been dancing to the tune of piper in a merry way. They have made new highs, gold being a safe heaven of sorts in this tough economy and may still be for time to come. However, with this run up there is a distinct possibility of a pullback to lows. The stock option trading is fairly dependent on the economic turnarounds.

The trade is provided courtesy Dan Sheridan of CBOE in this video. We always bring you the best and Dan Sheridan is a master trader when he talks people listen. I was watching this video and said hmmm wouldn’t it be nice if I traded GLD myself next week and make some money. Than a thought went through my mind. what about your readers and subscribers people who come to this blog? So folks here is the Free Trade on GLD all through the good graces of Dan Sheridan of CBOE fame.


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