Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Day Trading 2.29 Stock Trading Online trading or stock day trading is best to learn by watching live videos. My name is Steve Gomez. My partner Andy Lindloff and I are day trading for a living Learn from our winners and also our mistakes from the trading day. Trading from home can be done using software…

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17 Responses to “Day Trading 2.29 Stock Trading”
  1. FWGsara says:

    What if I tell you I have a program that takes the risk out of day trading? You make money when the stock market is up or down. That we have a 8 month flawless track record in forex and are day trading at a 98% & higher successful rate? I could back it up and show you. Anyone can use our system…it does the work itself. It’s pretty amazing. Email me and I can tell you more about it,

  2. StockMarketVideo says:

    GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Trading!

  3. KnightOfElcar says:

    wow! hi 🙂 ur REALLY cute. hit me up! i have a webcam and get naked on it all the time! LOL =) 5

  4. manikaran007 says:

    20F here alone and bored and horny B

  5. dave997 says:


    today was pretty harsh for me, i tried to play a what i thought would be a 2-3 day oversold mini rally and got my ass burned. I wish this market would just sell off or test that 42.00 support and do something. Can we get a market analysis from you for next week?

  6. pimplife2069 says:

    what does 10 to 1 buying power mean

  7. mikegmi2 says:

    shorted 1k IYR at 63.59 just before 10am, prematurely, but held on and covered @ 63.46. bought 1k DSX at 28.70, and 1k more at 28.60, almost sold but it held 28.50, sold 1400 @ 28.89 and the rest at 28.86 when volume came in before 1pm. bought 1000 MDR at 51.80 around 3:15pm, got out at 51.95. good day for me but i lost all my gains from janurary this month, so im slightly negative on the year. not bummed out though, because my 401k is down 3 times more (in %) than my daytrades. still learning.

  8. hisnames8k says:

    Hi, just have a quick question. Toward the end of the video you stated that you saw the choppy market coming. Did you change your strategy to accomodate the markets or did you try to fight through it with your normal strategy, which seem to be momentum plays? I only ask this because I observe that for a mojority of the time yourself and steve have an undercurrent of anxiety due to the disproportionately short percentage of time the market conditions favor your strategies.

  9. clrobert35 says:

    I really like your videos because I have never been that good at trading and they have taught me a lot. Thanks for posting them.

  10. sgomez858 says:

    I see the same thing there too. Scary

  11. staffpro says:

    hi again, i love your videos and i have learned so much from just watching you trade, recently i’ve been paying attention to lvl 2 data and been trying to make sense of it, i think i am fairly competent so far but was wondering if you could maybe do a 1-2 min video regarding lvl 2 data and in specific what you like to see in it before you enter a trade.


  12. andyatm2000 says:

    nice trading. in a bear market shorting the big news can work but you have to be careful about the entry because you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of a parabolic move. picking a top is just as hard as picking a bottom. for that reason I tend to stay away. i will say that if you are going to use that strategy the best way is to go small size and wait for a 5 minute bar reversal

  13. dave997 says:

    why didn’t you short google when it hit 478 on news? I was fortunate enough to be in long in some 250 shares of ICO this morning @6.20 and sold it at a huge mill+ 5 minute volume spike for 6.81 a share. Then i shorted 300 shares at 6.70 and sold that at 6.30. Do you ever short these big news and press release spikes? I find they can have HUGE profit potential with very little risk with a good stop.

  14. dave997 says:

    check out a 15-20 year monthly chart of the SPY and QQQQ and tell me what pattern you see. REALLY toppy and looks like were just in the late beginning of a downtrend. In 2000 it was the overpriced .coms leading the way in 2008 it’s the housing crisis. That monthly chart of the SPY is screaming to me that were gonna have a large drop to the downside in the long term future.

  15. andyatm2000 says:

    I take it that you are referring to puts. Too early for the calls if you ask me.

  16. jellybeansinc says:

    u planning to pick up some options? life changing money to be had

  17. lbrusatori says:

    good video…first!

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