Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Day Trading Advice: Trading Is A Mental Game

A real trader gives insight on what it takes to become a successful trader in this video from Lightspeed Trading’s ( Trader Talk Series.


22 Responses to “Day Trading Advice: Trading Is A Mental Game”
  1. Jacky2116 says:

    Trade on high volume fast moving stocks, ride the trends on both long and short positions. Making money is the ONLY goal instead of winning every trade or going against the market.

  2. eddyvideostar says:

    To: liljonsp616. The very simple solution would be: to buy some at the offer and try some at the bid. One may accumulate ON THE WAY UP! (The caps for emphasis).

  3. SilverShamrock71 says:

    if it’s easy to buy short it….

  4. liljonsp616 says:

    If you sitting around all day trying to buy on the bid your going to wind up chasing a stock 9 times out of ten.Trust your judgement and buy on the ask like everyone eles.That 1 cent difference trying to out smart everyone will cost you.
    Simply watch for institutional blocks to trade and follow them in either direction.
    The market has a horde mentality follow the big money and you will do well.
    Buy the dips sell rips works until it dosent work lol..

  5. oliverkala says:

    This guy is awesome; I just found the best group of traders around. They have the best stocks around plus free trading tools. There called 007stockchat you can google them.

  6. brotherskeeper7 says:

    I appreciate the straight talk. This is a good Video. I will learn how to do this, by starting small, respecting the ones that have been in the trenches for a while.

  7. cote1212 says:

    Smartest advice i’ve ever seen on the web: Start small! 75% mental, 25% discipline.
    Don’t listen to buyystocks, taking the mental part out is impossible, but dealing with it is.

  8. investorspolldotcom says:

    Very true. It’s not as easy as it looks.

  9. Fxactivities says:

    Trading is psychology game. 100% mental game. The market can do whatever movement it want but if you do not have the trading mentality game you are out. Agree you with fully. Trading successfully come from experience. 10 years, 18 years.

  10. bouncingsoul100 says:

    do you short or long sell these?

  11. montyloree says:

    Stock investing is a discipline… and you need to be educated… You have to practice trading

  12. QQQQSystemDotCom says:

    Interesting… we personally trade MACD and Bollinger Bands only – 100 minute bars. Been killing the markets lately.

  13. buyystocks says:

    I think you take the mental part out and trade like a machine, THEN you take out emotions.

  14. Nuanceqwest says:

    True, experience is the best teacher. There is no substitute for the reality of a loss of real money.

  15. TradingWithAnEDGE says:

    Good video, thank you.

  16. andli843 says:

    that’s exactly what he was saying… so yes, you do agree with him, watch the video again and listen. i don’t agree with him saying that you are most likely going to lose money though.. i’ve made tons of money waiting about a day on a trade to get ripe after shorting it.

  17. TheProphiting1 says:

    In order to trade well, you need to have an extraordinary ability to focus and concentrate mentally. Not many people have that ability. Its like being an athlete, only mentally, you have to have the dedication that not many people have . Not many people want to hear that, but I believe it to be true.

  18. AutoSystemTrader says:

    Great Video…I agree completely with the mental aspect of trading. It’s a tough game and you have to take your lumps. Winners stay and learn from their mistakes, losers quit and don’t reflect on lessons missed. It takes mistakes to become successful at anything.

  19. choud2403 says:

    I don’t agree on the idea that if I can buy on a bid right away means lots of seller. It could be I am buying on a pull back but according to my chart it’s a bullish up trend. So Level II means nothing to me. I personally depend on chart and time & sale.

  20. AntiBullS says:

    absolutely , good advise 5 stars

  21. schrutzen says:

    trade like youre hunting you cant get a good kill if youre not patient am i right???

  22. arthill07 says:

    that’s a good point actually

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