Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Day Trading Chart Layout for YM

This is my day trading layout for trading the e-mini dow YM index futures. I als This is my day trading layout for trading the e-mini dow YM index futures. I also do a bit of stock trading with this same layout. Ususally on tickers like aapl, sndk, brcm. (more) (less)


13 Responses to “Day Trading Chart Layout for YM”
  1. carlbee32 says:

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  2. kenderdu says:

    MUAH!!! MSG me on MSN. ID is in my profile. N

  3. norgib33 says:


  4. FOREXautoPILOT says:

    thats interesting, thanks

  5. Bopkasen says:

    crappy software if you ask me, there is better software that show better graphic.

  6. dhoot18 says:

    hey. well i’m still unclear on wot exactly is goin on with the markets help. i’ve watched loadza vids relatin to trading. balle 2 youtube!!! i wanna b a trader n im thinkin bout leavin uni in fact i pretty sure i wana head bak to london. damn now im stuk in frikin brummy, 1st yea such a waste esp of money. n d ppl r such sponges arghh. n e way plz help wit trading, me wana b finanically independent, i’m sooo motivated n dedicated to learn.

  7. ubuchuckp4 says:

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  8. craplike123 says:

    is the quality kind of bad? or do i havfe some problems with my video card.. pretty noise picture going on there, hu? not shure

    but i enjoyed it pretty much

  9. mrzoran says:

    Does IB provide free tick and time of sales data?

  10. tuberlgs says:

    Good video on day trading and scalping.
    See: “tradelikethepros” on google.

  11. jeremieanyi says:


  12. mde2004 says:

    great stuff pro man ym trade.

  13. dragonbrth says:

    This is the bomb!

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