Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Day Trading Help April 18 Live Stock Trading Video real time trading video from my screen. Learn from my winners and my losers with commentary. Direct access and Level 2 is better than using a broker I think. I use software filters and setups on the chart to determine what trades I enter. Use this video as a virtual coach for your day trading goals. It’s not easy, but this demo shows you that it can be done day after day for small consistent profits. No secrets, just years of wisdom to share with you all.

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11 Responses to “Day Trading Help April 18 Live Stock Trading Video”
  1. BongDon420 says:

    i need someone smart to keep me entertained


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  4. skull044 says:

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  5. rockitmn says:

    Just found your vids Steve, fantastic!!! Your style really suits mine and I play guitar too hehe! Country blues, Lightnin’ and stuff like that. Hope you don’t mind me adopting you as a mentor :-)

  6. sgomez858 says:

    Those are what we call “bad ticks”. They are erroneous trades that took place by mistake and many of them become cancelled trades. If the wick distorts the charts too much, you can call Lightspeed and they manually remove them. BY NO MEANS did the SPY trade that low. It was just ONE bad print on time and sales.

  7. velious2121 says:

    @ 6:09 , when your in a position, how do you deal with those long lower shadows?..sell ASAP?..whats your mental process for those?

  8. ecpayne1 says:

    Hey Steve and Andy,

    Do you have daily profit goals, or do you take what profits the market offers for the day?


  9. sgomez858 says:

    No golf today, I was napping after watching a 22 inning baseball game last night…I would only add that the volume in the QID is much less than the QQQQ so the moves are a little quicker and it seems easier to get fills on limit orders. Also, I trade mostly to the long side when conditions permit so looking at the inverse setups are visually easier for me.

  10. MMecham532 says:

    Steve’s prob. out golfing in balmy SD, so i’ll answer. Some traders are restricted as what and how much they can short or are charged add. fees. so QID is a good alt. It is a “double inverse” ETF meaning it moves at double the NQ100 which it is tied to, it is not exactly 2x the Qs. You could also use it in a IRA or pension account where shorting is not allowed. Advantages to Qs would be much higher volume if that figures into your trading so that’s probably what Steve would say. Matt

  11. radjune1970 says:

    Steve, Any adavantge of shorting QQQQ instead of going long with QID ?
    Best regards

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