Monday, February 9th, 2015

Day Trading Help Live Stock Trading May 6 Online trading or stock day trading is best to learn by watching live videos. My name is Steve Gomez. My partner Andy Lindloff and I are day trading for a living Learn from our winners and also our mistakes from the trading day. Trading from home can be done using software…

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8 Responses to “Day Trading Help Live Stock Trading May 6”
  1. StockMarketVideo says:

    GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Trading!

  2. Patrick4312 says:

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  3. sgomez858 says:

    Yes I took over the seetings of somebody else to get started when I first took on Lightspeed platform. It has always worked fine so I have never moved it to Arca. There is a new Stop order that I use for Nasdaq but not NYSE that keeps me from getting triggered on a bad print.

  4. eddyvideostar says:

    Prne10: Thank you for imput. It is greatly appreciated; but, in defense of Mike2: he may have used the wrong word,”jump,” as he may have not meant “chase,” or an insufficient analysed entry, but jump in the SIGNIFICANT stock of that sector; as, X, for steel, etc., and not the “sympathy plays” of the many stocks within a sector, of which I have seen beingplayed,believing that they will move in unison with such, unless there is news otherwise. Even same sector stocks can move in different ways.

  5. Av8tr777 says:

    I totally enjoy what your video. I think you do a nice job trying to explain your trades. It gives me something to watch at 4:30 am in China..LOL Thanks agian for putting this up!

  6. sgomez858 says:

    You beat me to the answer. Yes this is the issue. It just takes a few times of getting hurt chasing stocks and you will start to look for better entry.

  7. prne10 says:

    Problem is jumping in with the herd will get you beat up pretty quickly. Entry is everything in this game.

  8. mikegmi2 says:

    Maybe you’d be better off jumping into “the” stock, rather than doing the sympathy play thing all the time…X was taking off while u were stuck in a dog. Pull the trigger! Nice trading, thanks.

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