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25 Responses to “Day Trading Live Online Stocks Learn Live April 29”
  1. FWGsara says:

    What if I tell you I have a program that takes the risk out of day trading? You make money when the stock market is up or down. That we have a 8 month flawless track record in forex and are day trading at a 98% & higher successful rate? I could back it up and show you. Anyone can use our system…it does the work itself. It’s pretty amazing. Email me and I can tell you more about it,

  2. eddyvideostar says:

    To: Tonyb.

    Tony, you had indicated that you were trained at Online Trading Academy. This must have cost you a pretty penny; hence, the disconcerting aspect for you, regarding many on this You Tube and other sites of whom are gleaning and utilizing very useful information from Steve, Andy and even others for practically nothing. I believe that you are slightly envious of these traders along with your disappointment regarding your lack of adeptness and savvy to do the like, is really evident.

  3. eddyvideostar says:

    (Tonyb1911. Part two)

    My friend, at least, try to appreciate each persons efforts as to what they try to do. Yes, you may disagree with some of the strategies being utilized by Steve and Andy, but recognize that their style may be different, for they tend towards super or micro scalping.

    Thank you.
    Best wishes.

  4. tonyb1911 says:

    You are right. I encourage other traders to use these high probability patterns: ABC patterns, island reversals, and 123 patterns. H.M. Gartley is a wrote about the ABC patterns long ago and these patterns have like an 80% profit rate. Harmonic trading covers a lot of these patterns. All of this stuff can be googled. Trading can be as simple as when price reaches say $47.39 from below I will go short or if price comes from above to $47.39 I will go long. Find the significant price levels

  5. ShootsTradingVids says:

    Hey Tony, Well rightly so man. In fact what you said about transferring my account into yours is right on, and that is what all traders are attempting to do. But what I don’t do is criticize people when they are just trying to teach others how to trade. So maybe instead of pointing out how these guys are wrong you could offer what you know to people and make a little extra money for your account. Either way I think the criticism doesn’t help anyone. Good luck with your trading man. Shoot.

  6. tonyb1911 says:

    In that 7 day course that I took when it was a lot more expensive we traded the LIVE Markets. Paying a lot of money doesn’t mean you learned anything. If anyone is trying to learn how to trade by watching YOutube they don’t know how to trade. I could go back and forth on my trading but then it would be a pissing contest and you wouldn’t believe me anyway. But I mainly trade futures and forex at this point any how. I’m not into teaching myself…I’m into transferring your account into mine.

  7. tonyb1911 says:

    Lol. Cramer is a person no one should be listening too……but he knows that himself. CNBC tells people to do one thing while they secretly do another. I just pointed out that the guys I learned from actually had to train a lot of these guys on how to do technical analysis. An analyst and a trader are two different things. But in any respect appearing on CNBC does say something. It’s got to be more prestigious than appearing on YOutube.

  8. tonyb1911 says:

    True, commissions are part of the game. I was just pointing out that a lot of traders only trade like 2 hours a day and get the same results. I heard you guys say “I think I’ll get into this trade” or “I fell like like blah blah blah.” The way I was taught if that if you catch yourself saying that than you are using “emotion” instead of “rules.” I don’t think about anything I follow my rules. This is what I mean by giving new traders bad habits.

  9. tonyb1911 says:

    I was finished with this but I will reply once more. I think you guys are better than most who post on YOutube because at least you all show trading live. You guys obviously do well enough to earn a living at it. You all have execution skills with Level II and you definitely need it. My point went to the “teaching aspect.” I think you guys are Journey men and you do have your trades up for critique but most of us don’t try to sell our trades.

  10. SomasTube says:

    Tony, you’re obviously not to bright.

  11. crazyfast999 says:

    I love the videos. Im learning alot just watchin. Thinking of a webinar too. What trading platform/charting package are you using? where can I find it?

  12. lti12 says:

    I think the reason tonyb1911 is mad because he listened to Jim Cramer on CNBC giving him advice to buy Circuit City and hold in until they open stores in all country’s.

  13. EganTrading says:

    I strongly agree. I really don’t think anyone should be able to criticize Steve and Andy unless they have done what they do–and that is put all of their trades in the public eye. I know for a fact that there is a psychological aspect to having your trades publicly viewed that cannot be ignored, and it can be difficult to overcome, but Steve and Andy have done it and continue to be advocates for teaching traders how to trade. Keep up the good work guys.

  14. leonarbull says:

    The journey of trading is about learning from others, not criticizing. Different people have different methods. I happen to have followed Andy and Steve for over 6 months now, and I actually integrate their method with my trading strategy. It’s very difficult psychologically to have your every trade documented, viewed and judged by the public. We all need to give them credit for what they contribute to the trading community.

  15. ShootsTradingVids says:

    I would hesitate to admit that other people could learn just as much as I did by paying 1/10th of what I paid as well. Stop thinking that just because you dropped 6k on a 7 day course you know what you’re talking about. Any course can only teach you so much. Experience and the market will teach you the really valuable stuff.

  16. tradebliusa says:

    You and Gomez deserve a lot of respect and admiration except idiots like tonyb… I think he should make a few videos himself and prove that he is a better trader. Until than someone should put a duct tape on his mouth.

  17. andyatm2000 says:

    I’m not one to usually join in on the fray but in this case I feel it is my duty to defend myself and our service. I made over $16,000 net profit in April and this is documented in our Live and Replay Service. Unfortunately the only time I have to make YT videos is during midday so I can’t capture the best trading. My track record speaks for itself and has been documented for a year now in full view of our clients. This is all I have to say as I now leave this fray.

  18. tonyb1911 says:

    Don’t get fucked up. Because I promise I will give you my number so we can see what’s up. No trader worth his salt is taping trades and putting them on YOutube. Dumb ass. Why would you give up your trading edge to other people. The only people who put up shit on YOutube don’t know shit. Just like people who sell trading systems after they don’t work or predict the past. But you better watch your mouth because I’m not an internet dude. I will trace your IP and come see you. Believe that.

  19. tonyb1911 says:

    I don’t know what you mean by umbrella twirling but these guys are not just putting up trades. They are attempting to get money from people and they are simply not good enough traders with no teaching abilities. It was only a matter of time before a professional trader called them out. They are like lawyers who have 20 years experience….but have been repeating year 3 17 times. Stop dick riding. I could care less really because we need dummies on the other side of the trade.

  20. dave997 says:

    shut up u fuckin troll, wheres the videos of you trading. stop being such a hater

  21. sgomez858 says:

    Thanks. But just to be clear, you feel paying .005 all in is too much, or do you feel we over trade? Just curious. It has always been our philosophy to watch the downside and not get to hung up on commissions as they good trading will always pay for itself. watching the downside requires active discipline with our method. And yes our broker loves us. lol

  22. BrendanEgan88 says:

    Tony leave the trading to the professionals and go work on that umbrella twirling. There are different methods of trading just like there are different methods of everything in the world. This is their method so either respect it or don’t, but there is no need to bash on it. If you are successful with your method then good for you, Steve and Andy are successful with this method and I respect them for that. I actually trade nothing like them but if this is what works for them then let it be.

  23. tradebliusa says:

    Even an armature Joe can hide the trade with an Iceberg on Nasdaq or NY. The Level II is a gimmick for the trading cos. to make more money. Price Action, Support, Resistance is all you need and totally agreed. Most of the indicators are useless but some still follow. Volume is probably the most useful of all. Keep it simple. Even candlestick could confuse some therefore use Bars OHLC it’s much simpler and does the job. I think Gomez is a great trader but he spends too much money on commissions.

  24. tonyb1911 says:

    All you wannabe traders need is to learn how to study price. Learn support and resistance along with the trends. You got people who master candlestick charts but still can’t trade. All you need to know is price, order flow, support and demand. Have your trades planned out the day in advance. YOu trade “trade setups” these guys will have a 500 trades to make $1000. They get stopped out a lot of trades because their entries suck. Watch these tapes while drinking…not trading.

  25. tonyb1911 says:

    You focus on NYSE stocks which show your amateur status. Why focus on stocks that Market makers manipulate. Move over to Nasdaq. Show these people the significant levels, tell them don’t trade during the Doldrums. Correlate your trades to the Nasdaq….you are not teaching….you just talking. BS trading…….lol.

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