Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Day Trading Part 1 Platform and charting software

a basic intro about the trading software i use, the price i pay to use this is 0.00 and it works as great as services you pay 50.00 a month for.


25 Responses to “Day Trading Part 1 Platform and charting software”
  1. duetto64 says:

    Hi !!

    Check that electropop song about Traders !!!


    Electro vs Finance !! 😀

  2. jgshasha says:

    ok can anyone tell me whos platform this is? and ecn , broker?

  3. freeSCALPINGindicato says:

    Very nicec! I got free scalping FX indicator if anyone need… 270 out 300 wins.

  4. TurKoiZ184 says:

    salut les gens j’ai trouvé une vidéo sympa je l’ai mis sur ma chaîne regardez

  5. nepalihercules says:

    @tnr2005 if u just want to learn the basic functions on how to use a day trading website and software then i can do it. just don’t expect me to recommend u to any stock. btw what r u willing to pay. teaching everything takes like about 6 hours. i can teach u for like 200 dollars.

  6. darkfox77 says:

    notice the dow, it was before the obamanation, stock crash, hope you went short…ha ha

  7. Yewon2001 says:

    That intro was waaaayyyy too long…

  8. ceblack100 says:

    P & L is profit and loss my friend

  9. ronaldmalcumpinto says:

    How do i get this platform?Can i try this platform before working on it?
    Does it have european market too?

  10. vmasaatukorala says:

    We hit it off so well after another visit

  11. gt5004life says:

    @tnr2005 Pay how much?

  12. tnr2005 says:

    looking for someone to teach me to day trade WILLING TO PAY AT A REASONABLE PRICE

  13. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

    its nice, anything about Forex autotrading?

  14. hansakimanigamuwa says:

    Most excellent Be Naughty lady

  15. jerrun11 says:

    thank you for sharing your information.

  16. mrboyface says:

    i want the moooney! thats vat i vant!

  17. charles555558 says:

    lol the music at first is awesome. Do you ever watch fox business? They have all those stock shows. Got me interested. Charles Payne is good too.

  18. MrYeton23 says:

    @suprattkk Honestly it is relative. For some people being your own boss is worth it for $250 a day, more then most people make. However, if you have 200k in play you can make 1k a day or more and considering I only work 220 days a year, now that my friend is priceless and I live a very comfortable lifestyle!

  19. Basketbaka1031 says:

    I have a question: How did you find the platform? Is $4.95 per trade as good as it gets?

  20. Eaglessharp says:

    @ABulletsA What do you expect? If you have a return on investment of 100% a year, you are maried to your screen for only $2000. Being undercapitalized is a sure way to get broke, BTW. Make a pool of money with friends, it will give you a better chance.

  21. mobass48 says:


  22. stermr says:

    Was it gotracker?

  23. MMAAllegiance says:

    @suprattkk 250 bucks a day is better than 8 dollars an hour as a laborer.

  24. grcenp says:

    wow! i hope i can find this kind of software for the Philippine Stock Exchange 🙂

  25. DavidVanPatten says:


    Fully agree

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