Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Day Trading Price Action System April 23 2009 E-mini SP

Price action method system using no indicators trading the emni SP The Best way to trade way to trade. April 23 2009


11 Responses to “Day Trading Price Action System April 23 2009 E-mini SP”
  1. bigtim50 says:

    What time frame do you use?

  2. ImC00LyourNOT says:

    @daytradetowin how are commissions on stocks/futures?

  3. daytradetowin says:

    I use Ninja Trader which is an excellent trading platform.

  4. daytradetowin says:

    I use the chart and teach the exact method as you see it traded here. All you need is a live E-mini SP chart in any trading platform. No indicators, just Price Action Trading!

  5. daytradetowin says:

    @ImC00LyourNOT this is the Ninja Trader Trading Platform which works really well for day trading.

  6. daytradetowin says:

    yes the At the open System is price based and works on any chart or charting software on the e-mini SP. The Atlas line is only available on Ninja Trader and Trade Station though if you are interested in that.

  7. ImC00LyourNOT says:

    what broker/charting software is this

  8. davetrader3 says:

    I would sure like to see one of your losses instead of all your winners. This would be much more realistic to real trading. I would like to see how long you expect to stay in a trade when it goes against you. Your risk to reward is 1:1 on 4 points which means your batting average must be very high, and that is why I want to see how you manage your losses.

  9. strtedat22 says:

    I use open e cry as my broker. Is your system compatible with them?

  10. daytradetowin says:

    we use price action and the way price moves, strictly off the chart

  11. strtedat22 says:

    why did you enter 839.25. Do you use signals to enter or DOM?

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