Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Day Trading Questions And Answers (1/2)

Harvey Walsh of answers some common questions raised by his series of live stock trading videos. Part one of two videos


9 Responses to “Day Trading Questions And Answers (1/2)”
  1. aussiedave87 says:

    Thankyou for the videos Harvey very helpful

  2. redmattuk says:

    Keep it up Harveywalsh.

  3. harveywalsh says:

    That would be what the videos are showing you.

  4. siriddg says:

    so, may i have your forward test results…please ?

  5. harveywalsh says:

    Indeed, but back testing is not the only method – forward testing is equally important, if not more so.

  6. siriddg says:

    hum…could not backtest!
    on your “seven deadly trading mistakes by harvey walsh” the mistake number four: not testng
    be careful harvey…ha!ha!ha!

  7. harveywalsh says:

    I don’t trade a system that could be backtested. I trade, and teach people to trade, based on what’s happening both on and off the chart. If you look at some of my live trading videos, you should get a better idea of this.

  8. tradingbr says:

    did you backtest your system?

  9. harveywalsh says:

    I’ll put a link to part 2 of this video here when it’s available. It includes a rather controversial question!

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