Friday, March 10th, 2017

Day Trading Stocks Rockstar intro on Basics

1st in a series of videos outlining the basics of Day Trading, Showing how an average joe can open an account with 5-20k and make $500-$1000 a day trading the market. Will show you how i do it, and answer any questions you have. Each day.

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25 Responses to “Day Trading Stocks Rockstar intro on Basics”
  1. thediamondz1 says:

    should i go into the stocks now because people are saying the stocks are going to crash

  2. nxtbartrading says:

    Nice Video. Learn how to rad market market manipulation

  3. oliverkala says:

    This guy is awesome; I just found the best group of traders around. They have the best stocks around plus free trading tools. There called 007stockchat you can google them.

  4. ajk8547 says:

    Thanks for the QuoteTracker recommendation. I also have been using StockVision in order to find the best stocks in real-time for day trading. They complement each other well.

  5. triaxiom says:

    @quicksilver1124 Hell no.

  6. ImDino says:

    hahah i like when he said “nothing in the book you read, is gonna help you make money”

  7. alphabetla6 says:

    This man may very well be mentally ill. At the very least, let’s say he has “special needs.” First of all he calls technical analysis “technical analyst”, he then claims that “Honestly, I’ve read almost every book.” Every book? Really? That would be quite time consuming. Perhaps not someone I want to take financial advise from, especially considering his house looks like my crazy uncle’s basement.

  8. chr0m3w1ng says:

    the up stock .com

  9. rockout3823 says: check it out for some info on stocks!

  10. rehoboth21 says:

    Market Wizards is an awesome book, just finished reading it

  11. CardeyaTV says:

    Great video! very natural and not like the other commercialized traders trying to give info…

  12. britoca says:

    @OilTradingAcademy “in other words”

  13. OilTradingAcademy says:

    Imagine that the entire Oil market doesn’t really “trade”, but rather the price of Oil is controlled by a computer. Another words, the price you pay for gasoline isn’t determined by the “free market”, it’s determined in advance by a computer. Now for the first time ever I’m revealing this “code” to anybody who wants to learn it. You owe it to yourself to visit my website Oil Trading Academy and see for yourself what I have to offer you.

  14. Steventk26 says:


    30billionaireschangingtheworld dot kom

  15. XanaduZune says:

    In my field, at least 95% of the people are incompetent and not very smart. Would you say this is also true of day trading?

  16. tradersteve4032 says:

    Good presentation. In my experience practical traders achieve great profits in a matter of minutes. There is no need to waist hours watching the markets.

  17. traderbrad420 says:

    good video

  18. schmexy12 says:

    Excellent video. I bought a bunch of monitors for my office. and I got some software. What are the various types of software? I use TheMarketsAreOpen[.]com to get all my news and some good calls as well. Doe snayone else use them. Their top rating are usually what I go for.
    How many hours a week should I spend reading articles though?

  19. sandp500analysis says:

    I’ve just never found a use with all those indicators. Fun video though, good job!

  20. TraderAmit1 says:

    DayTraderRockStar was one of the earliest inspiration sources I used to decide to pursue trading as a career. From hometrading, I am now a commodities market maker for a leading firm based in London. Thanks for your BRILLIANT work RockStar!! I love my job!

  21. forexsystems says:

    Nice video.

  22. wheelerbron says:

    Try Using JackpotPennyStocks I Have Had A Lot Of Luck With Their Alerts. Been A Member For About 1 Year And Not A Single Loss

  23. miasma1616 says:


    Only a handful of people will probably get this….

    thumbs up to you my friend!!

  24. Paquin13 says:

    get penny stocks right to your inbox, I use it all the? time!!! bit (dot) ly/c6cKoU [replace the (dot) with a “.” 🙂

  25. matara9 says:

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