Thursday, September 21st, 2017

DayTraderRockStar Top 5 Stock Trading Indicators

I get a lot of questions on the indicators i use when i day trade, here is a little educational video describing some of them and how i use them.

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25 Responses to “DayTraderRockStar Top 5 Stock Trading Indicators”
  1. oliverkala says:

    This guy is awesome; I just found the best group of traders around. They have the best stocks around plus free trading tools. There called 007stockchat ? you can google them.

  2. chr0m3w1ng says:

    the up stock .com

  3. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

    Free Forex EA – works perfectly fine for me..

  4. MegaSingularity says:

    if trading decision are set on “people coming back from lunch” i would say have a good day sir.

  5. neillos1982 says:

    stochastics dude not stottasticks

  6. Katsu5725 says:

    hi, daytrader how do you get the cricket sound on your radio program?

  7. i0am0a0daytrader says:

    check my? channel for video’s about daytrading and trade like me in forex (EUR/USD, CAD/JPY? etc.), stocks (coca-cola, phillips etc.), commodities (gold, silver, oil etc.) and indices (Nasdaq, Nikkei etc.)

  8. MindProgramming says:

    Thanks for sharing your analysis.

  9. treysparker says:

    I made a fortune day trading.
    Bullworthy eh? Oh Look at that your name is bullworthytrends what a coincidence.

  10. pedashisa says:

    Good stuff Rockstar thans

  11. Vitomanz says:


    I think its IQ chart mate

  12. lowlowryder says:

    Can anyone please tell me what’s the charting software that is being used… thanks in advance

  13. Vitomanz says:

    during another video when he said it i thought he just spazzed out whilst saying statistic but nah its a real trading term


  14. clysus says:

    thanks for the great info. I created my own indicator on esignal that plots an up and down arrow based on everything you just said. It reads the chart for me. and plots my own indicator. it was free too.

  15. bullworthytrends says:

    What a bore this guy is!
    Don’t day trade – buy good stocks at good prices, and build yourself a small fortune!
    Search “Bullworthy” for much more practical, interesting, and instructional videos!

  16. ytertyu says:

    wtf is Stotastic ?? ..never heard before must be something new I guess

  17. i0am0a0daytrader says:

    watch my channel for more video’s? about daytrading and reviews from brokers

  18. VeteransAgainstKonop says:

    30=second charts

  19. 407buddy says:

    Don’t rack your brains out boys, unless you are a scalper 1hr and 15min charts, it’s all BS.

  20. napper2009 says:


    When you refer to ‘being at one with the market’ or ‘Zen-like feelings’, what you allude to is supporting price acceptance in relation to summation, harmonisation, synchronisation and proportionality.

    These factors are what put the trader in sync with his/her market at any given time, and can be described as the pulse or beat of the chart.

    I recommend you investigate these phenomena to better understand yourself.

    Kind Regards.

  21. Tekkenen says:

    Can anyone tell me how to find or where to go to find stocks that are about to spinoff?

  22. howtobuystocksonline says:

    Interesting, stock trading always amazes me.

  23. darthstarwarsgeek says:

    That said, I do like DTR vids, keep up the good work…

  24. darthstarwarsgeek says:

    LOL, can’t get past the whole sto”T”astics thing, he keeps repeating it. It’s like Super Nanny saying unaseptable instead of unacceptable.

  25. LiptonGuy says:

    Your observation is correct.

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