Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Do you know anything about stock market day trading?

If you have experience or links to information on stock trading would you mind sharing your tips and beginner information and a good place to start for the individual investor. I know it’s a risky business and you need all the information possible to have some skill before you start. Thanks for any info!

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7 Responses to “Do you know anything about stock market day trading?”
  1. mojave_explorer2k says:

    Most people lose money day trading, even informed ones. It is a little like handicapping horse races, you never know which way it will go. You can use Scottrade or one of the other companies to play in the market but I would recommend that you start small, buy companies that pay a dividend and set a stop limit if a stock falls so you get out without too great of a loss. Good Luck…

  2. Bryan S says:

    This link has some good info on starting out in daytrading.

    a lot of the people on this forum know what their talking about

  3. David D says:

    Plenty of good advice here.

  4. ask me how says:

    most people loose money bacause they do not have a strategy and money management rules in place

    if u dont have disipline dont even start u will loose all your money

    many people do trade and have become very very rich so it can be done


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