Monday, April 11th, 2016

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Are Treasuries First? Dollar Declines but Silver and Gold are up! April 25 2011

Stock Market Trading and Economic forecast using common sense analysis and decision making techniques. Focus is on the US Dollar, Commodities (CRB Index), Bonds (10 Yr. Treasuries), and the Stock Market (DJIA 30). Gold, silver and oil are often discussed when relating to commodities.


15 Responses to “ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Are Treasuries First? Dollar Declines but Silver and Gold are up! April 25 2011”
  1. 1971Armageddon says:

    I just gave you a LIKE vote, how does BBBY chart look now, I know my PUTS are up 65% lol

  2. WealthGuardShow says:

    WOW! Looks like a lot of people “Dislike” my videos…. Maybe I should quit. Takes a lot of time and work to provide a FREE system that teaches people how to make money. Portfolio performs great and the system works!

  3. 1971Armageddon says:

    I sure hope so, I put a pretty penny into the June $55 PUT options!!!

  4. WealthGuardShow says:

    The New Edition to the IBD 50 Portfolio this week is up 3% today ahead of earnings…

  5. WealthGuardShow says:

    @1971Armageddon I think that the daily chart is looking weaker. Weekly charts still haven’t turned yet… Daily charts will turn before weekly charts, and the stochastics will usually show you the 1st sign. If you are right, you will be NAILING a top! … and that could be the case!

  6. 1971Armageddon says:

    How does the BBBY chart look now?

  7. KarlEastwood64 says:

    When will the in satiable disgusting greed stop you are what is so wrong with the world today. The great crash is just around the corner and most of you will be jumping out of windows when you realize you have lost its not all bad news

  8. DennyDFW says:

    @CO2TROL Interesting. This is the first time I’ve seen this channel, but I thought it brought an entertaining ring to the boring market talk.

  9. CO2TROL says:


    Thanks. Happy Easter to you too.
    When you replied I felt a bit sorry for expressing my exasperation so bluntly and I thought I might offer a constructive comment, however, upon realising that you have made all your broadcasts in a similar style, I am probably too late and you seem to get views anyway. Perhaps its just me…

  10. WealthGuardShow says:

    @CO2TROL oh well… Happy Easter!

  11. CO2TROL says:

    Very irritating

  12. Paul Green says:

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  14. Darrance says:

    I cannot tell a lie, that rlaley helped.

  15. Deon says:

    And I was just wonedring about that too!

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