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Economic Update (September 1, 2009) Stock Market Top?

Economic Collapse Update September 1, 2009 The stock markets lost over 2% on Tuesdays trading session. We are now seeing signs of a possible top with the VIX showing signs, the volume of trade today, September usually being the worst month in stocks along with this being the time the prophecies have for hard times. Is this casino game of buying equities going to trap many long positions where they will see the dealers 21 leaving the trader to sigh at the results in aggressive manner? Regardless of the fact, the stock market is only a casino which most people in this world play and it is not the leading or top indicator to the economy. Even the USA dollar index is not a great indicator to be used when tracking the dollar collapse. This is because this index compares other currencies. Inflation and money supply are good ones and they both are showing great increases. The bailout money most likely was used to help prop this casino market higher, and if money is created that easy then DOW 6 trillion is not hard to do. People are waking up to the truth around them more and more. This is my leading indicator now for the spark that will set the dollar collapse to higher levels later this year and into 2010. Thank you for reading/watching Derek


25 Responses to “Economic Update (September 1, 2009) Stock Market Top?”
  1. mimana2 says:

    So much pesimism. The entie story is just an adjustment that was necessary to make things better. Nature makes sure things take their true course.

  2. ardentsentry says:

    I wouldn’t buy stocks, but if I was forced to: Goldman Sachs would be the one to buy.

  3. brendandylanmaloney says:

    I like your calm , sure energy in this video. You feel like you are coming from a good place.

  4. raulvideo says:

    H1N1the distraction of the economic collapse.

  5. MrBankRuns says:

    Good comentary. 5+

  6. Ubreako says:

    I get your point on the boloney of the stock market. So when do you think the silver price will go to 1000 per oz ? Also when these prices come…do i exit into cash ? or arbitrage to gold ? or buy property ? confused here…..

  7. bjmccullough says:

    thnks derrick… i never miss a vid from nikei bruce

    nikei saw heavy selling today…i am going to the sidelines

  8. OmarThePug says:

    I think the clicking and clanking sound is over…the rollercoaster is on it slow decent down again! Put up your hands and scream! lol.

  9. slobomotion says:

    I will be offline on vacation for a couple of weeks shortly. Last year at this time, I went away on vacation and the markets crashed, my pal in the USA teases me. Strength, love, peace and health to you and all connected with this great channel.

  10. slobomotion says:

    Well, I wouldn’t.

  11. loveguitars says:

    Great Video

  12. fixed92 says:

    bank holidays will only last a couple days maybe a week tops. most likely just a day to 3 days tho.

    the dollar will be worthless by nov 2010 and the only jobs out there will be government related for the most part till they run outta taxes to pay them.

    military will get paid the longest so when they start cutting there then we will know the dollar will be finished soon.

    china will be forced to start selling dollars slowly over the next 6 months which will force all other countries to sell.

  13. vdubs4life1964 says:

    America will look like this soon….


  14. FelipeSparx29 says:

    Nigga whens the dollar gonna die?! Daymn


    if they have a bank holiday should a person continue to work because you wont be able to cash your paychecks ?

  16. chromedreamz says:

    ive been a SHTF’er/NWO guy for a while, and now hearin things to get really bad in next few months, a have a feeling it wont happen, all this webbot garbage-Sometimes think were just takin things too far, but maybe TSWHTF afterall, we’ll see

  17. chromedreamz says:

    Stocks down, dollar up, could it be like last year, interesting Gold made upwrad move despite

  18. huskie767 says:

    sell stocks, homes, commodities…..deflation is ruinous…be careful.

  19. GalaxySmith18 says:

    Maybe they are giving us clues that we are overlooking….

  20. endlessmountain says:

    exactly that.

  21. jonvssocrates says:

    Interesting. So it could be the case a certain percentage of the stock market up since march is simply big banks taking the free money from the government and investing it in stocks?

  22. haseyes says:

    The movie is called 9 (nine)

  23. mike6459 says:

    DRV triple short real esate

  24. CoinsFreedom says:

    Thanks Derek. Your a good man. Peace

  25. endlessmountain says:

    webbot has big stuff happening this date. I do only for the time frame with no exact date for a major something or other.

    Get ready people. The roller coaster is on its next loop and it might be scary and exciting for many people.

    I did not know that about 999 there. it is easier to make the call.

    What movie is released next week?

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