Monday, November 6th, 2017

Eliminating Risk in Trading

Tips and techniques from expert traders designed to make traders more successful and help them to eliminate the risk involved in trading.

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10 Responses to “Eliminating Risk in Trading”
  1. strobe9 says:

    i would be willing to show you one of my bad days, but i just can’t seem to find any. all joking aside, it’s been proven in performance studies that focusing on strength breeds strength.

  2. databasemarketer says:

    This guy seems a little shady. A lot of words, but actually said nothing.

  3. Domibond007 says:

    There is another video of this guy (Milman pete) here on youtube, where you can see their purchasing power or about 20 million people.

  4. jayangli says:

    I’m sure working day of trading. but the most successful traders are not day traders.

  5. bullworthytrends says:

    What a bore this guy is!
    Don’t day trade – buy good stocks at good prices, and build yourself a small fortune!
    Search “Bullworthy” for much more practical, interesting, and instructional videos!

  6. Cuntlickerr says:

    thats a lie
    Stocks can also go up overnight-after hours-the probability is 0. 5
    And most good earnings drive prices up
    I dont agree with this novice

  7. busystock says:

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  8. FXThug says:

    He’s trading with a lot of cash and moves the market, most people aren’t going to be able to attack positions or go monkey long lol.

  9. FXThug says:

    What he did with his Google trade; He waited for resistance to be breached , once it did Resistance became support and his position sat on that support ensuring good safety for position. Now he has a big position and moves the market, his own buying drove the price up and cemented it’s own support unless a big Trader went against him and behind him the market he’s almost ensured success. That’s why he waits for these “setups”

  10. Lantho650 says:

    can u give me a example about these market makers.

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