Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 stock trading robot is an amazing stock day trading system unlike anything else on the web. The robot was designed by a top Wall Street trader and two software developers together they created the bot. Equity Trading Alert – stock trading robot works by using mathematical algorithms and technical analysis to analyze real-time market data and historical market data. When the system is first activated it starts scanning stocks both on the OTC.PK and OTC.BB exchanges. The system analyzes data around the clock searching for and identifying profitable trades using these sophisticated algorithms. If the system identifies a clean uncongested chart pattern, that is certain a high probability that the stock is about to move then the stock will be added to its Watch List. The system is capable of running thousands of complex trading strategies simultaneously. The second thing is that the system is programmed on a state-of-the-art framework. While the system is watching hundreds of stock patterns it actually learns the most likely direction of stock prices under thousands of situations. …The More Advanced The Robot becomes! As the system adds more info to its database it becomes smarter and more adept at finding individual stocks. When the system is monitoring hundreds of stocks in the Watch List. The Robot may detect a stock that has been hitting resistance $0.25 for a few weeks.. And if the stock breaks that level the Robot will start analyzing the


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  1. radrips says:

    I signed up and got some good insight!!! thanks ETA!!! Can’t complain about doubling your money!!!!


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