Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

FAP Turbo Version 47 – Latest Results by – The following is the results I’ve recently had with FAP Turbo and Forex MegaDroid using my custom settings which have resulted in higer and more consistent profits than the standard settings. These settings to date have not been beaten by any other trader using the same bots. If you’d like the same settings I’m offerring them as a free bonus when you order FAP Turbo or Forex MegaDroid through my site.

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3 Responses to “FAP Turbo Version 47 – Latest Results by”
  1. dinksj007 says:

    hi jim really liked ur video . . . but i m completely new to forex . . . is it gud for me to buy fap turbo and as market are chaning will ur settings still work . . . and will u give us if you change ur settings or any updates. . . plz reply thxs

  2. medallo4ever says:

    Great video Jim. I’d like to get more info. I’m struggling to find someone that could help me setting up the fapturbo. I will obviously purchase it through your website. Although money is tight I’d like to give it a try. How can you help? You seem like someone trustworthy for the settings. Could you help?

  3. forexcritic says:

    Hey, yeah FAP Turbo is the best EA out right now, and I always try to improve my settings – when I find something better I email all my customers and send them the updated settings :)

    Hope this helps,


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