Thursday, October 13th, 2016

FapTurbo Forex Robot Overall Settings

This video shows my results with FapTurbo and suggested settings. Visit for other robots being tested by me. Feel free to email me at to collaborate and share information with each other so we can get better at forex trading.

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10 Responses to “FapTurbo Forex Robot Overall Settings”
  1. jaysicksix6 says:

    never trust a bot. go check out my video statement .

  2. forexrobotblog says:

    Thanks for letting me know about your declaration? N June. I checked? and wondered if the results were an expert advisor, as it looks like a mont? No trades was after? s of 2 pips on several occasions? Looking forward to working with you in foreign currency.

  3. forextrading11 says:

    great video i have value information about the topic if you want learn more you have an open invitation

  4. affiliatecurve says:

    thanks for your advice – sounds like good solid advice – The LLR is risk, correct? So when I read things like “Don’t risk more than 5%” – does that mean 5% LLR? Or 5% per lot? I’m still a little new to the robot

  5. kaffholter says:

    So Forex allows robots? I asked them and they do not use them.

    Please show the top so folks can see it is a live account

  6. mjpros12 says:

    Is it? Ste which are sold in DoubleYourMoney (dot) tk. . . If s?, Then I recommend you taking into account that got a little more? S 200-d? Parts after? S of letting it run for a couple of hours

  7. laton2010 says:

    Forex is the industry wide scam. ? Why? only5% in profits?! because these 5% are theory? as brokers and sellers marketing, the rest of the honest people, 95% s? it losing money. most? a commercial robots of the opposite tendency to clean his account of this, the real robot vendors do not reveal. out of foreign exchange is very risky.

  8. ITWorldExplained says:

    Forex trading can make you a lot of money, especially when a robot is working for you. Try the new Forex robot who automatically trades in your favor. Follow the link from my profile web site to find out more.

  9. roboptions says:

    @ Jaysicksix6 never trust a damn idiot man var? To the result. This idiot does not know c? Mo set and shows a video where he throws some t? Terms not defined in you and makes you think you know something. The lender? Last resort of the BBR Cripl RSS. Nice to deceitful ar all. First, reduce the right boots next? S of p? Loss not by fear and a great victory of the robot is reduced to m? Minimum now. Good job. Secondly, it provides a stop-loss so far and nearly took profits have m? S an occasion? N?

  10. Kilogram00 says:

    Hi, I just made some settings that I want to get some feedback on. Please visit my site since I have a couple posted up. All I want are some comments to see if I’m doing okay. My site is:
    h t t p s : / / sites. google. com/site/freefapturbosettings/

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