Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Fatboy Slim, Beardyman & JFB vs Serato Scratch Live Video-SL

DJtv chat to Fatboy Slim and JFB about the merging worlds of DJ’s and VJ’s. Video SL is the weapon of choice… www.scratchlive.net www.serato.com

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10 Responses to “Fatboy Slim, Beardyman & JFB vs Serato Scratch Live Video-SL”
  1. emkplayboy6 says:

    but that way is eliminating and dj progressively ' they are preferring the Serato route sl more!

  2. emkplayboy6 says:

    watch this vid, watch?v=A3IOc8Hx5KA&feature=related

  3. djcg22 says:

    Good, I create sincerely that everybody has prefenance own honesty Serato SL-1 for my work wouldnt what I can do more of way with VDJ6 and for that reason I have my completion with the CDJs and ttm rane 56 is me the DAS to rane in the mixer ones that they are good:)

  4. emkplayboy6 says:

    Yea man this is my 1st time using Raine for mixer and it’s very nice! I have the TTM57sl tho and i love have the special effects right on the mixer!

  5. AntonioRuiz06 says:

    i hate VDJ i started out on that shit but then i moved up to SL and if you got the TTM57SL your set

  6. thehourcup says:

    can you mix high def videos on it

  7. DJPolska07 says:

    surely. only if ur a rough draft that can handle. good luck whereupon one =

  8. jonpaulevans says:

    how can you get the songs and videos for free?

  9. MrBananarama1 says:

    whats the name of tht song tht comes on when beardyman and fatboy are talkin is it eddie halliwell

  10. djinnov8 says:

    Hard to pick which of my setups I liked – each one has its plusses and minusses. . .

    My VDJ-6 setup is not as processor intensive as Serato and its great that when I make a video remix, its ready to play on VDJ immediately where as with Serato, it has to be converted to MP4.
    But my Serato setup is super stable and not as confusing to install and setup as VDJ6. . . I love the Rane TTM with Serato video – great cutting mixer!!!

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